Spray Painting

Abeta use only qualified tradesman.  Their role is to colour your vehicle and provide a quality finish with a guaranteed product.

Our Refinish Technicians receive ongoing training & certification including I-Car courses (providing individual & shop certification) and Tafe Advanced Refinish course (AURSS00025) certification.

We are working towards our auto body being an I-Car Gold recognized shop.  Plus as a part of the DeBeer Quality First Program our refinish technicians receive additional training and certification. One staff member is recognised in achieving an I-Car Platinum Individual certification.

Abeta use the DeBeer waterborne paint and products.  DeBeer is one of the only true waterborne paints with the lowest European VOC emissions and truest match to new car colour.  Its’ unused product may also be recycled to general waste and water.  Solvent or non true waterborne paints cannot do this!

Abeta utilise the latest refinish technology.  We have just completed installation of a new Truflow back oven and mix room in our Derwent Park workshop.  To aid in a faster and harder curing of our paint refinishes we use infrared curing technology. The infrared process utilizes short wave technology to fully cure the surface coating all the way through to the base metal. This ensures the paint is baked just like the car manufacturers do it.

Abeta is also able to two pack paint items other than just your car.  These include:

  • Cupboard doors
  • Furniture
  • Glass splashbacks
  • etc.