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Green Stamp Certification

Abeta Bodyworks is Level 2 Green Stamp accredited.

Green Stamp is an Environmental Accreditation for the Australian Automotive Industry. Accreditation is rewarded to automotive businesses that are not only compliant with the law, but have gone above and beyond compliance to work in a way that is environmentally friendly.

It has been developed to encourage the automotive industry to be aware of the environmental impacts and risks associated with the running of their business.

Project Goals:

  • To set a benchmark for automotive environmental management
  • To create a culture of beyond compliance environmental management and practices for the automotive industry in Australia
  • To encourage businesses to strive for continuous environmental improvement and best practice
  • AND….less harm to the environment from good environmental management!

Level 1 – Compliance 

Is the first level which members must achieve in the Green Stamp Plus Program. This level focuses on the businesses legal environmental compliance i.e. their compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Those members that only reach Level 1 – Compliance, are not eligible to receive Accreditation.

Level 2 – Beyond Compliance 

Businesses must achieve the Level 1 requirements plus demonstrate that they have moved beyond compliance to incorporate a minimum number of sound environmental management practices into their daily operations. Thirteen criteria in Level 2 must be achieved to earn this level of Green Stamp Accreditation.

Level 3 – Continual Improvement 

This is the final and highest level of Green Stamp. It is based on the principle of continuous improvement and requires businesses to develop and implement an environmental management plan to help monitor and review their current practices and set objectives and targets for further improvement. Five criteria in Level 3 must be achieved in order to earn this level of Green Stamp Accreditation.

For more information on the Green Stamp Accreditation program please visit http://www.greenstampplus.com.au/